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Helping you facilitate projects, develop leaders, and win campaigns.


Helping world-changing organizations win

Yellow Tree Strategy trains and supports people and organizations in the West and around the country in how to build power, change policy, and win campaigns to make the world a better place.

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Experience in nonprofit leadership, strategy, data, facilitation, and campaigns



Yellow Tree helps communities create on-the-ground projects that improve quality of life and build shared power. While working at a regional land trust, Yellow Tree founder Skye Schell brought together leaders from refugee communities and a church to build a community garden in healthy-food-scarce Tukwila, WA.

SKILLS: facilitation, project management, community engagement.

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Yellow Tree helps organizations and candidates win at the ballot box and with decision-makers. While leading the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, Skye ran a campaign to raise $10 million for safe wildlife crossing structures - including persuading local representatives to put the measure on the ballot and then leading successful outreach to thousands of voters. The measure passed with an overwhelming 79% yes vote.

SKILLS: strategic planning, goal-setting, policy development, lobbying, political strategy, voter engagement.


In WA and WY, Skye built leadership development programs and has trained hundreds of community members in how to be effective activists, advocates, and grassroots organizers. Graduates of these programs have started their own nonprofits, served on volunteer boards & commissions, been elected to public office, and run their own grassroots campaigns to improve their neighborhoods and communities.

SKILLS: teaching, presentations, curriculum development, grassroots organizing, mentoring and coaching.

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Knowledge is power. Yellow Tree can help you organize information into usable data. Skye built a mayoral campaign's data operation in 2009; migrated nonprofits onto better CRM platforms; led voter data work for 501(c)3 operations in Wyoming; and loves the VLOOKUP function in Excel.

SKILLS: spreadsheets, databases, web development, nonprofit finance; working with numbers, data, and technology.


Since working as a journalist and columnist in college, Skye has used the power of the written word to make change. Over years in advocacy organizations, he has honed his skills as a persuasive writer. He has project managed public opinion research and polls, developed clear campaign messaging, and written successful private and governmental grants.

SKILLS: persuasive writing, clear policy analysis, grant writing, message development.

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Applying a career's skills to solve more problems

After 17 years in nonprofit and political work, including four years as the executive director of an effective local conservation and planning organization, Yellow Tree founder Skye Schell felt called to use what he had learned to help a larger range of world-changing organizations.


Let's work together

Yellow Tree Strategy works with organizations and individuals who want to make the world a better place. Skye can tackle small projects (like solving a data puzzle) or build whole programs (like a leadership development institute). Please reach out for information about availability, contracting, and rates. It would be an honor to help you advance your mission and goals. Please

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